Harris Puppy Mill Legislation Signed into Law

Earlier this year, Claire, Brooke and Maddie -- three third graders from Patton School in Arlington Heights -- contacted State Representative Harris to ask him to take action to prevent the operation of "puppy mills" in Illinois.

Last year the General Assembly passed a law known as "The Puppy Lemon Law" that would severely minimize the operation of puppy mills in our state. However, the penalties for violation of the Animal Welfare Act were fairly minimal, so Rep. Harris proposed increases in the penalties to make violations of the act more financially painful. This would apply to puppy mills as well as offenses against other animals.

Claire, Brooke and Maddie got their school behind support of the bill, and they personally came to Springfield to testify in support.

Their hard work paid off. The bill passed the House and Senate and was signed into law by Governor Quinn this past week.

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