Harris and Son Attend St. Coletta Golf Outing

Rep. Harris (left) and his son Court (right) join with other golfers at the St. Coletta Golf Outing.
Rep. Harris and his son recently attended the St. Coletta Golf Outing at the Royal Melbourne Golf Club in Long Grove, IL. St. Coletta is located in Jefferson, WI, and it operates a very successful Illinois Residential program for individuals with developmental disabilities.

The annual Golf Outing is a fundraising event that provides important financial resources for St. Coletta and the services it offers. The costs for the Illinois Residential program exceed $300,000 per month. With the current budget impasse in Illinois, it is possible that St. Coletta could experience significant delays in reimbursements from the State of Illinois for the services provided to Illinois residents. Such payment delays emphasize the importance of fundraising to service providers like St. Coletta.