Equifax, an Atlanta based credit-rating agency, suffered a security breach on July 29th that exposed sensitive information of millions of Americans. The sensitive information included social security numbers, driver’s license numbers, credit card numbers, birthdays and addresses. It has been determined that 5.4 million Illinois residents have been affected by the breach.

The company has set up a website where you can find more information regarding the breach at www.equifaxsecurity2017.com.

To check if your personal information was affected by the breach, Click Here.
Where were you 16 years ago today? I am sure you remember.

There are certain world events that take place that impress unforgettable time stamps on our brains, and we always remember where we were at that time. It might be the death of a loved one …. or the passing of a President …. or a notable sports event.

And it was 16 years ago today that nearly 3,000 of our fellow citizens were killed in a terrorist attack at the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and the plane crash in Pennsylvania. I am sure we all remember the horrible images of those airplanes flying into the twin towers in New York.

Time does not soften the hurt and pain that the victims’ families and friends are feeling at this time, as another year passes since this horrendous event. All those whose innocent lives were senselessly ended too soon will continue to live on in our minds and hearts. They will never be forgotten.