Harris Supports Legislation Banning "Bump Stocks"

Rep. Harris made an impassioned speech in the debate on House Bill 1467, strongly supporting the bill. The legislation would ban ownership or possession of the "Bump Stock" device in Illinois. Bump Stocks are used to modify a semi-automatic firearm allowing it to fire like an automatic weapon. A Bump Stock was used in the Las Vegas shooting back in October 2017 in which 58 people were killed by a gunman firing from a high hotel window onto concert goers below.

"A hunter or sportsman does not need a Bump Stock to hunt deer or duck," said Harris. "There is one primary use of an automatic weapon, and that is to inflict maximum bodily injury and death. Any device that allows a semi-automatic firearm to fire like an automatic one should be banned."

HB 1467 passed the House with a large margin.