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During the House floor debate on Friday with only 4 days left in the regular session, State Representative David Harris (R-Arlington Heights) stood up to join House Republicans in calling for a commitment towards a budget solution and compromise.

Republicans noted that given the limited time remaining during the regular session, the House should remain in session through the weekend and allow the bipartisan budget working groups to craft a compromise.

This week, the Illinois Secretary of State’s Office announced a change to Illinois driver’s licenses and ID cards designed to protect against identity theft and to bring Illinois closer to compliance with the REAL ID Act of 2005. The enhanced security features will include a new photo structure, a design that includes patterns, lines and images to make it more difficult to counterfeit, a laser perforation and an ultraviolet feature.

There’s no need to replace your driver’s license or ID card immediately, but there are a few changes to the process you should be aware of when it comes time to renew your license or ID.
Representative David Harris visited Anne Sullivan Elementary School in Prospect Heights earlier this week. He had been invited by Miss Funk and several of her students when they visited the State Capitol last year to participate in Technology 2015, a display of how students from around the State employ technology in their learning.

Harris was given a tour of several of the classrooms and could see firsthand how the Anne Sullivan students are using technology to improve the learning process. In one classroom the students were online in a video connection with a meteorologist from El Paso, TX, and 7 other classrooms around the nation learning about weather formations.

"It was an informative and exciting visit," said Harris, "and I compliment the Principal and teachers for their creative use of current technology as an important tool in students' learning."
State Representative David Harris (R-Arlington Heights) responded to an effort by House Democrats to override Gov. Rauner's veto of Senate Bill 2043. Harris stated how unfortunate it is, but recipients of Monetary Award Program (MAP) Grants shouldn't hold their breath. Harris noted that everyone in the General Assembly wants to fund grants, but there is no money to do it. He also pointed out that unlike the Federal Government, Illinois can't print money in Springfield, therefore the MAP Grant vouchers end up at the rear of an ever growing line of $7 billion in back bills.
Last week, the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) announced a new streamlined process for professionals regulated under the Division of Real Estate and Professional Regulation to quickly renew their license online. Approximately 100 regulated professions. The move to this online, paperless program is part of the Department’s effort to modernize the regulatory process in Illinois and reduce unnecessary costs. IDFPR said the online renewal program will save $3 million over five years in reduced postage, paper and printing costs.

Under the online renewal process, once a licensed professional completes the renewal, the licensee will receive an email as proof of licensure and also access their proof of licensure via IDFPR’s license lookup system. Printable copies for licensees will be available soon.

Click here to access the new online license renewal.
Representative David Harris (R-Arlington Heights) attended the Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting ceremony for the newly redesigned McDonald's in Mount Prospect. The state of the art facility is a part of the Bear Family Restaurants franchise, a local Chicago area based company.

Harris noted how McDonald's, an Illinois based company headquartered in Oak Brook, has had a significant impact on the Illinois economy. The Bear Family Restaurants McDonald's franchises alone employ more than 1,000 employees throughout their various suburban locations and have held true to the McDonald’s model of providing good food at reasonable prices. It was in 1955 that McDonald's opened their historic Des Plaines, IL location that featured the golden arches which have become the iconic symbol of the McDonald's brand worldwide.
Brad Cole, Executive Director of the Illinois Municipal League, presents Rep. Harris with a plaque for his support of municipal issues.
Rep. Harris was recognized recently by the Illinois Municipal League for his conscientious attention to issues effecting municipalities both large and small throughout Illinois. Harris has often spoken on the House floor on legislation that impacts cities and villages. He works hard to ensure that legislation does not have a negative effect on municipalities.