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Brad Cole, Executive Director of the Illinois Municipal League, presents Rep. Harris with a plaque for his support of municipal issues.
Rep. Harris was recognized recently by the Illinois Municipal League for his conscientious attention to issues effecting municipalities both large and small throughout Illinois. Harris has often spoken on the House floor on legislation that impacts cities and villages. He works hard to ensure that legislation does not have a negative effect on municipalities.
In a lengthy and impassioned floor speech, Rep. David Harris expressed his frustration, irritation and concern over the prolonged impasse on passing a current Fiscal Year budget for the State of Illinois. The new Fiscal Year started on July 1st and because of various continuing appropriations and court orders, State expenditures are on track to exceed State revenue by as much as $5 billion or more if there is no budget in place. And the situation gets worse each day that passes without a budget.
Rep. Harris presented a Certificate of Recognition to Christine Guth in honor of her retirement as an employee of Wheeling Township. Christine was retiring after 13 years of dedicated service to the township and its citizens. She was the Assistant Director of Senior and Disability Services. Working with the Meals on Wheels program for seniors and the Make-A-Difference Fun Fair for children with disabilities were just part of her many functions. She distinguished herself in everything she did, and she will be missed.
Rep. Harris (left) with Christine Guth and Wheeling Township Supervisor Michael Schroeder

Rep. David Harris (center) poses with River Trails Park District officials and local Cub Scouts as a memorial Heritage Oak tree is planted during ceremonies celebrating the Park District's 50th anniversary.
River Trails Park District, which takes in parts of both Mount Prospect and Prospect Heights, celebrated its 50th Anniversary on Saturday August 1st. Bret Fahnstrom, the Executive Director of River Trails, set up a fun and enjoyable evening at Woodland Trails Park. There was a band playing from 6-8 p.m., and there was a childrens' movie that started in the park at dusk. In addition, a time capsule was buried with various contemporary objects. Also, a Heritage Oak tree was planted that will grow into a large tree that will provide great shade in the park. Rep. Harris participated in the planting of the tree and other activities during the evening.
Speaking before the Illinois House of Representatives, Rep. David Harris (R-Arlington Heights), a retired U.S. Army Major General, took a moment to decry comments made by Presidential Candidate Donald Trump about the torture suffered by Sen. John McCain while a POW during the Vietnam War. Harris' remarks prefaced a call for a moment of silence in memory of the service members killed during the recent terrorist attack in Chattanooga, Tennessee as Harris warned of the threat posed to our military members by homegrown terrorists.
Rep. Harris (left) and his son Court (right) join with other golfers at the St. Coletta Golf Outing.
Rep. Harris and his son recently attended the St. Coletta Golf Outing at the Royal Melbourne Golf Club in Long Grove, IL. St. Coletta is located in Jefferson, WI, and it operates a very successful Illinois Residential program for individuals with developmental disabilities.